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The Career in Law and its Rewards: Diversity and P...

The Bar Council of India (BCI) is the main regulatory body of law education and also conducts the All India Bar Examination (AIBE), which offers the Certificate of Practice to the law graduates who qualify the exam. After this, the candidates are eligible to practice the legal profession in India. This opens up a sea of scopes for fulfilling their ambition – practising with corporate firms, working as a legal advisor in different companies, or as solicitor general or public prosecutor in government department and ministry. The black robes nowadays do not generally stand for the law graduates because of this new arena of job opportunities in the legal field. You can even become a lawyer because it also opens up various high paid diverse jobs like criminal lawyer, tax lawyer, attorney lawyer, civil rights lawyer, medical lawyer and so on. If you are worried about the salary in this field then you will be surprised to know the details because of the high demand for law graduates in the market. The startup salary can range from 30-60k. The chief justices get nearly about 1lakh per month. Moreover, there are even lawyers who are paid 5lakhs-1crore for one single appearance in the courtroom.Studying law and pursuing a career in this stream offers you a diverse career option, growth and opportunity, high payoff, prestige, prosperity, global perspective and an intellectually challenging environment which is changing every day.Law as a Career (FAQS)1. WHICH ARE THE TOP LAW UNIVERSITIES OF INDIA? National Law School of India University, Bangalore National Law University, New Delhi National Law University, New DelhiRajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad National Law University, Jodhpur WB National University of Juridical Sciences, KolkataGujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar National Law Institute University, Bhopal Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala  National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh2. CAN I PURSUE LLB AFTER 12th??You cannot pursue LLB directly after 12th. 3year LLB can be done only after completion of graduation in any stream. So, you have to choose integrated BA LLB, B. COM LLB or BBA LLB program of five years duration.3. WHAT’S THE BAR EXAM AND WHAT IS IT’S IMPORTANCE?On April 10, 2010, the Bar Council of India resolved to conduct an All India Bar Examination that tests an advocate’s ability to practice law. It is required for an advocate to pass this examination to practice law. This examination is held biannually and tests advocates on a substantive and procedural law. The syllabi for this examination usually get published at least three months before the examination. A candidate may appear for the examination any number of times. Once the advocate passes the examination, he/she will be entitled to a Certificate of Practice law throughout India. It is clarified that the Bar Examination shall be mandatory for all law students graduating from the academic year 2009-2010 onwards to get enrolled as advocates under Section 24 of the Advocates Act, 1961. You can get more information about this exam from the website: WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT CAREER OPTIONS IN LAW?The career opportunities for an attorney are broad and they are discussed in brief here-Law Firms: we come across many legal matters on every alternate day. To make our works easy, many law firms and legal staffing firms are opening and expanding these days.In-House: In an effort to control legal expenses, many companies seek to minimize the use of outside counsel and prefer to hire their own internal full-time attorneys. The benefits, among many, of being in-house are that there are no minimum billable hours and you may receive stock options and other employee benefits from the corporation.Government: A government lawyer works for some branch of the government, whether it is in the city, state, or federal level. They are found working in state capitols, as well as at city hall, representing the governing body that employs them.NGOs: Attorneys involved with the non-profit sector offer legal services to a wide variety of non-profit organizations. Daily legal matters may include managing grants, donations and bylaws.Other Uses for a Law Degree: As a lawyer, your career options are not limited to practising law. The value of law school graduate is increasing day by day in the corporate sector, especially in the areas like management, sales, human resources, marketing, advertising, training, negotiations and dispute resolution. Other careers non-practising lawyers pursue are teaching, real estate, investing, publishing and writing.5. WHICH BOOKS ARE BEST FOR CLAT ENTRANCE EXAM?Some of the good books for CLAT preparation are as follows- English- Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis Legal Reasoning and Awareness- Lexis Nexis student guide for CLAT, Universal’s guide to CLAT and LLB, Pearson CLAT Guide by Gargani et cetera Maths- RS Agrawal, 30 days maths wonder Logical Reasoning- RS Agrawal GK - For static refer Arihant’s guide, internet For revision- Tata McGrawhill (CLAT)6. IS THERE ANY SPECIAL COURSES ON CYBER SECURITY?Yes, there are so many short term and long term courses are available offline and online in cyber law.        Those are as follows- Post Graduate Certificate in Cyber Law (PGCCL) -Duration: 2 years B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering + LLB (Hons.) with specialization in Cyber Laws – duration: 6 years LLM in Cyber Law – duration: 2 yearsDiploma in Cyber Law- duration: 1 year, eligibility- must have qualified the 10+2 examination7. SHOULD I GATHER WORK EXPERIENCE DURING MY DEGREE STUDIES?Yes, of course. These opportunities will give you an understanding of what it's like to work in a legal environment.8. I'M ENTERING INTO LAW AS A MATURE STUDENT. IS IT BENEFICIAL FOR ME?? More people are now pursuing a career in law as a second career. Firms and organisations are increasingly appreciating the value of mature trainees with well-developed transferable skills.9. WHAT IS INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS LAW AND WHAT ARE ITS SCOPES?International law is generally divided into two areas: “public” international law and “private” international law. Public international law typically focuses on non-profit and government organizations. Private international law deals with all legal issues that affect businesses and corporations. Lawyers who practice international business law work for multinational corporations, or large and small law firms.International business law covers everything from taxation, trade regulation, human rights and employment law, environmental regulation, to intellectual property and patent law. Most lawyers who practice in this area are “transactional attorneys” which means that they do not go to court. 10. SHALL I HAVE TO TRAVEL A LOT AND LEARN MANY FOREIGN LANGUAGES TO PRACTICE INTERNATIONAL LAW?The practice of international law does not demand travel as much as many people think; with the advent of the Internet many deals and documents can be completed without having to leave home. Because most international law, especially contract law, is conducted in English, rarely do lawyers practicing international law have to be fluent in another language, although lawyers who are based in foreign countries frequently will be proficient in the language of the country they are posted in.11. IS LAW A GOOD CAREER OPTION IN INDIA? One or the other person needs a lawyer, doctor and police at least once in a lifetime. Law is among one of the most esteemed professions in India. It is no doubt a good career option as the demand for good lawyers never decrease. Starting from small family disput to making an affidavit, from marriage to divorce, to starting a business to tax payment, every time we need a lawyer. And in a hugely populated country like India, lawyer have a great demand. But the thing is that you should have command over your profession, the more knowledge and experience you will gain, the more you will prosper in your field

Career Prospects beyond Medical and Engineering...

Just close your eyes for few minutes and imagine that every alternate human being you are meeting in this world is either a doctor or an engineer. You are starving but no one is there to give you food, you want cloth but no one is there to manufacture and sell cloths. If it turns into reality then, have you ever wondered what would happen to this world? What would happen to you?? Then why is so that most of the parents want their children to either become a doctor or an engineer? “Career” is one of the most important aspects of our life... Our performance, lifestyle, job satisfaction and livelihood everything depends upon this... One wrong decision can spoil the entire life. But some of the parents take the decision regarding their children's career even without knowing the desire n potential of their kids. The popular movie '3 Idiots' has presented this kind of mind-set and its consequences very nicely.When we see a beautiful dress we admire the designer and immediately pay for the dress to make our wardrobe collection more exclusive. At the same time we train our children that, be a good doctor or engineer so that you can buy more such dresses. But never say that be a fashion designer. We spend thousands of rupees for movies, concerts, art exhibitions, matches. We madly follow our favourite actors, actresses, dancers, sports persons but at the same time we keep suppressing the artistic instinct of our kids by saying that don't waste time in such things, these things are not going to pay your bills. Why is so??? The newspaper you need every morning with your cup of tea or the breaking news you watch in your TV are the results of the restless and dedicated work of some excellent journalists, camera persons, technicians, news anchors and many others. Have you ever thought if their parents would have forced them to become only doctors or engineers then who would have done all these things for you?It is not at all mandatory that if a student is brilliant and have scored well in 12th then he/she must go for medical or engineering. There are other fields too where one can show his Excellency. If the best brains will not come in the fields of trade and commerce, economics, law then how our country’s economy will remain in safe hands? Without these persons the economy will crash as a result of which every citizen of our country have to suffer from financial crises. Now you could have understood that medical and engineering are not the only lucrative professions. There are other works or professions too which are equally prestigious and important as medical and engineering.As per the reports, 95 per cent of engineers in India are not fit for software development jobs. 97 per cent of graduating engineers want jobs either in software engineering or core engineering. However, only 3 per cent have suitable skills to be employed in software or product market, and only 7 per cent are fit for core engineering tasks. Doesn't it seem wastage of money and time???? More the literate unemployment increasing, the more frustration, depression and crimes increasing in our society. Instead of bearing the tag of unsuccessful engineers, these students could have become successful Teachers, professors, administrative officers, lawyers, bankers, business men, economists, scientists, defence officers, farmers, politicians, writers, artists, architects, fashion designers, pilots, business administrators and industrialists. But a single decision ruined all hopes. Education experts suggest students don’t always sign up for engineering courses just to become engineers, but in reality, most of them are not passionate about their profession. They don’t enter into this field to design new engines for cars, developing a new gazette, building the next big software giant or taking part in the “Digital India” programme. Most of them simply want a job — any job or a job with the government. Whereas the eligibility criteria to apply for a government job is a ‘graduation degree’. Which costs hardly Rs. 4000 to 5000 for 3years and engineering costs Rs. 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs and the fees vary from institution to institutions. Still, students and parents prefer engineering because they believe that the employers consider an engineering degree holder as more talented and capable compared to those who don’t possess one, regardless of whether the qualification has any direct relevance or implication for the job.In this competitive world the degrees like medical or engineering cannot assure jobs. Then why to confine your children within these streams only?? Let them peep inside their hearts, let them decide which career they want to choose. Because every successful person is of the view that "any work done with passion leads to excellency".

Is online learning a boon or bane- The pros and co...

Today, people are more inclined to their phones or computers than actually going out and interacting with new or old people. Today, people have more virtual friends than real ones... and are more active socially than practically. Same follows in the case of studies, students are more eager to learn through online media than attending extra classes or coaching. But hey, is real teaching actually replaceable? Does new media actually has better teaching standards when compared to classroom education?  This indeed has become a debatable topic over the past few years... well as every single thing has its own pros and cons, similarly online learning to has its side effects as well as productive effects.Undoubtedly there are abundant positive sides to online education but there are certain drawbacks which possibly cannot be ignored.No credibility of resources: It is not at all necessary that the information or data provided online are 100% correct. There are 99% chances of it being wrong… I am not saying that whatever our teachers teach us are wholly correct but at least we are sure that they hold a degree on that specific subject failing which they would not have been appointed to teach. But we have no clue who the actual “GOOGLE GURU” is... Hence online information cannot be fully trusted.No face to face interaction: It’s often possible that we misinterpret what we actually see or read when we do not find somebody to actually explain it out to us… a single punctuation error changes the real meaning of the entire sentence and as it is said half and the improper information is even more harmful than no information. Hence, face to face interaction is very important for proper learning.No regularity or discipline: As the students are free from the regulations and boundaries of a proper classroom environment, it is quite obvious that the curriculum will not be maintained the way it should be. They might not study the materials in a routine manner and may start taking things lightly.No time commitment: Since there is no one to inspect them studying they might just not complete their work and leave it unfinished further harming their own selves in the long run.Higher dropout rate: Students are more likely to drop out as they are not giving their full commitment to their studies and taking their studies too lightly…Despite all the minus points, this also is a boon to the societyFlexibility :The main advantage of online education is its flexibility. a student can adjust his study timings as per his own needs. One can study indoor or outdoor, in a room or while traveling in a metro. It also saves time, energy or money of traveling to a specific destination to attain knowledge.Cost – efficient:Online education not only saves time and energy but also money. Education has mostly become a business in educational institutions these days.. be it coaching, schools or colleges, everyone is just trying to extract more and more money in the name of donations etc. online education saves the students from falling prey to such fraudulent practices. All one needs to do is have an internet connection in their system.Wider choice of courses and subjects:In online education, one is free to choose his own combination of subjects regardless of the percentage required for taking up that particular subject. One can even take up odd combinations such as science with psychology or commerce with mass communication fearless of the fact that someone might judge them for their choices.No language barriers :Since online education is available in most of the vernacular languages, there are no language barriers .one is free to learn new things in their own mother tongue as well.. they are not bound to understand a particular language in order to follow the text… they can read the text or see a video related to it in whichever language they please, this gives them self-pride and confidence in themselves.Underused data:If a student does not has the time to take down notes while studying online, he can always save the page or convert it into a document and download it.. unlike in traditional classrooms where the matter gets erased from the board once the teacher is finished teaching… one can always refer to what he or she has studied previously online by simply clicking on the history of the site. It totally depends on one's personal opinion as to what is more convenient for him/her- the old traditional teaching or the new online education.

Social media- oriented jobs- the heartthrob of tod...

People today are glued to their smartphones gadgets like anything else … even kids these days prefer watching their favorite cartoons online rather than watching it on their television screens…Let's take the example of the coaching classes or let's say, extra classes, we attend.. don’t we make it a point to glance at our phones every five minutes checking for Facebook or Instagram and WhatsApp notifications? Wouldn’t it be like a dream come true if your job itself revolves around social media?Well, this dream possibly can come true … the jobs which help make our dreams come true are as follows: Copywriter A copywriter is a person who is in charge of the content that appears on social media as posts… one should have proper knowledge of the language in which the posts have been written… though his work is all advertising and marketing oriented. The main aim of writing the copy is increasing brand awareness and influencing its customers… his average salary can be estimated at about 25,000 monthly.Graphic designersThe beautiful and innovative images we see on social media are all the hard work of the graphic designers. Their work is basically to create images for publishing, printing, and even for electronic media. Their work is more centric to photo editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom. They also create motion graphics and design… the main objective of a graphic designer is to hold back the attention of his audience with his creativity. The average salary of a graphic designer estimates to about 30,000 monthly.BloggingThe most preferred profession for the youth today… one today can write about anything and everything he feels like in form of a blog and gets well paid for the same.. you can think of it as an online journal or diary, although blogs are used much more now like online journalism. The best part is you get paid for each and every blog that you publish on the internet. one can write food blogs, fashion blogs, travel blogs as per his interest zones.Social media coordinatorA social media coordinator is in charge of all the posts that go live every day. The coordinator merely acts as a medium between their company and customers through social media platforms. His most important task is to deal with the messages. The average salary estimate of a social media coordinator is about 35,000 monthly.Marketing managerPeople working on advertisements related to newspapers, magazines, television, billboards etc. are known as marketing managers. This is at present one of the most reputed jobs in which one can excel using his creativity and skills. Most organizations today, are spending lakhs of rupees of their marketing budgets on social advertisements and social media platforms. The rise in growth of social media paves a wide way for this profession in the market today…The average salary estimate of a marketing manager at present is about 35000 monthly.Social media plannerThis particular field is for the advertisement lovers. The motto of social media planners is to advertise their company names, brand, and products, on social media platforms.. their main work is to plan the budget and make advertising policies. A social media planner is the heart of all other social media representatives as he plans the initial step of each programme.   Internet and social media today, not only helps people connect with each other but also paves the way for so many interesting career options one can opt for.


No one likes being dominated when it comes to doing a particular piece of work his own way... Startups, break the monotony of a typical work sector, providing much ease and comfort to its employees... A startup company, though, cannot be explained in much detail as each startup company works in a different undoubtedly a great career option to opt for as it has not many competitors in the market...The best part of any startup company is that it keeps evolving with the changing time... It's a whole new sensation to the young generation, cause people crave for such an ambience at the workplace. But as we all know,  " All that glitters is not gold"... similarly, everything might not be as cool and happening as it appears to be... Hence a good amount of research needs to be done about the startup company so that the roller coaster of your life only finds its way up with time and not vice-versa. So the 5 cautions or the calculative steps one needs to pre-assume before joining a startup are: USP/Value ProportionsA good, detailed study of the product and service offerings and its Unique Selling Proportion (USP) needs to be done before thinking of joining the startup. The particular firm must be innovative and provide benefits both technologically and economically to its consumers and win the confidence of their targeted consumers...FINANCIAL RISK A startup company will always be prone to many risks, as there is no certainty of market growth and competition may creep in any time... hence one should prepare himself both mentally and financially before entering the firm to face the harsh consequences if need be.. also since it is a startup, one may have to go on working without pay for several months as the company may take some time to establish itself in the market.  SOCIETAL /ECONOMIC/POLITICAL IMPACTAccording to the consumer psychology, people tend to remember or prefer those ideas which have left a powerful influence on their mind. The firms which are able to leave a greater impact tend to get major boost ups from the government or policymakers. PROMOTER CREDENTIALS, TRACK RECORD, INVESTORS AND MANAGEMENT TEAMThe fundraising strategies and the background of the investors need to be known well as it may have an impact on the preferability of the agenda in the longer run. A variety of experience and expertise might be brought by the investors when they are global. A careful evaluation should be done of the track record and credentials of the promoter and the management team. This is one of the most important parameters that should be considered while making a decision whether to join the particular firm or not.MARKET GROWTH RATE OF THE PRODUCT/SERVICE AND ITS POTENTIAL TO GROWOne always makes it a point to get into an organization which has some minimal reputation or social standing in the market or has the probability to establish itself soon. Scalability of the product or service is critical to take a decision whether the firm can sustain the short term and long term headwinds in the industry or market. One need to evaluate whether the offering is a copycat or new innovation which is first of its kind in the market, as it means a lot if the organisation is a leader or follower in the industry.

Women Entrepreneurship: Problems, importance and g...

In this new century, where digitalization and startups, run the whole world today, being an entrepreneur is no big thing. It was indeed a big agenda for people to talk about a few years back, but today it does not astonish the middle-aged people the same way as it used to. So what exactly is entrepreneurship? a person who uses his own creativity, designs, ideas and money to start his own work/business can be referred to as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship serves as a catalyst for economic development of the country. It is one of the largest sections for capital accumulation. In fact, economic growth is the result of the efforts taken by the entrepreneurs. Similarly, entrepreneurs can dictate the economic growth by their actions and decisions. Now many have begun to realize that for achieving the goal of economic development, it is necessary to promote entrepreneurship both qualitatively and quantitatively in the country. Only active and enthusiastic entrepreneurs fully explore the potentialities of the country’s available resources – labour, technology and capital. It took people some pretty years to digest this new idea of business. It became even difficult to digest the fact when women too thought of taking up entrepreneurship as a business. Whenever we support a women’s success, a pop-up of feminism gets tagged to ur identity. It’s beyond my understanding why men doing the same does not become a piece of a news article. No, women don’t believe in special treatment from the society, they are just asking for equal treatment. If a man can take up start-up as a career without being much discussed in the public, then why are women given so much of attention when they start working, especially after their marriage? why isn’t it seen as a regular task for women as well?The government of India has defined women entrepreneur as “ an enterprise owned and controlled by women having a minimum financial interest of 51% of the capital and giving at least 51% of the employment generated in the enterprise to women”.In most countries, regions and sectors, the majority of business owner/managers are male (from 65% to 75%). However, there is increasing evidence that more and more women are becoming interested in small business ownership and/or actually starting up in business. In addition, rates of self-employment among women are increasing in several EU countries. Although there are no official statistics relating businesses to the gender of their owner/manager, there is a good deal of evidence to suggest a significant increase in female entrepreneurship.According to the Women’s Financial Network, women start businesses at two times the rate of men. While women are starting more businesses than men, they find it harder at the outset to grow their businesses and access venture capital. Women entrepreneurs constitute 10 % of the number of entrepreneurs in our country. "All over the world, there is a realization that the best way to tackle poverty and enable the community to improve its quality of life is through social mobilization of poor, especially women into self-help groups. Ever since independence,  a number of innovative schemes have been launched for the upliftment of women in our country. The Indian government has taken a lot of initiatives to strengthen the institutional rural credit system and development programmes. Viewing it in the welfare programmes of the Ninth Five Year Plan (1997-2002) and shifting the concept of Development to Empowerment. The Indian government adopted the approach of Self Help Groups (SHGs) to uplift the rural poor women. The empowerment of women through Self Help Groups (SHGs) would lead to benefits not only to the individual woman and women groups but also the families and community as a whole through collective action for development. Most women business owners in Indian organization were either housewives or fresh graduates with no previous experience of running a business, These women business owners were in traditionally women-oriented business like garments, beauty care, and fashion designing, which either do not require any formalized training or are developed from a hobby or an interest in a business, The classic example will be of herbal queen Lady Shehnaz Hussain who started her herbal-based treatment from a relatively small scale. In fact, she started literally from her kitchen domain to a chain of beauty parlours spread out across the nation and world same can be said for Keya Seth.Since the 21st century, the status of women in India has been changing as a result of growing industrialization and urbanization, spasmodic mobility and social legislation. Over the years, more and more women are going in for higher education, technical and professional education and their proportion in the workforce has also been increased. With the spread of education and awareness, women have shifted from the kitchen, handicrafts and traditional cottage industries to non-traditional higher levels of activities. Even the government has laid special emphasis on the need for conducting special entrepreneurial training programs for women to enable them to start their own ventures. Financial institutions and banks have also set up special cells to assist women entrepreneurs, this has boomerang the women entrepreneurs on the economic scene in the recent years although many women's entrepreneurship enterprises are still a much-neglected field. However, for women, there are several handicaps to enter into and manage business ownership due to the deeply embedded traditional mindset and stringent values of the Indian society.Women have to play multiple roles :Sometimes she has to play the role of either wife or motherOr she has to adorn the role of parent or daughterSimultaneously in the social setting, she has to play the different roles in the communityPlaying these roles, women sometimes submerged her own self-rule and her own real.The constraints experienced by women entrepreneurs have resulted in restricting and inhibited the expansion of women entrepreneurship.The majority of women business owners have had to rely to a significant extent on self-generated finance during the start-up period of their business. Bank loans and grants have only been used in a minority of cases and have usually been accompanied by some form of self-generated finance. The availability of bank credit appears to increase once businesses become established and/or a good relationship with the bank has been developed. Banks are reported to have been more forthcoming in the provision of loans once a business has begun to demonstrate a track record. Because of limited funds, they are not able to stock new materials and spend on advertising. As women are accepting a subordinate status, as a result, they lack the confidence in their own capabilities, Even at home, family members do not have much faith in women possessing the abilities of decision-making. Due to primary household responsibilities towards her family, her time gets divided between the two worlds. She has restricted timings for work due to which, she is not in a position to travel frequently and be away for longer periods. Thus, her mobility is restricted. This also has an implication on business. A woman is dominated by men in her family as well as business. Often she has to obtain permission from men for almost everything. They are not treated as equals. Her freedom to spread her wings is restricted. She always has to consult and get the approval of men. A woman has to perform multiple roles be it familial or social irrespective of her career as a working woman or an entrepreneur. In our society, more importance is being given to a male child as compared to a female child. This mindset results in a lack of schooling and necessary training for women. As a result of these impediments the progress of women and handicap them in the world of work.For Bollywood lovers, the film English Vinglish is the best example where her own family members were judgemental about her capability, be it in making Indian sweets for a wedding or speaking in fluent English. Her family itself was embarrassed to introduce her in public.In most countries, regions and sectors, the majority of business owner/managers are male (from 65% to 75%). However, there is increasing evidence that more and more women are becoming interested in small business ownership and/or actually starting up in business. Women are working in this multifaceted world. The organization scenario changes like a kaleidoscope with every responsibility, accountability and multiple pulls and pushes, which women have faced and came out with success. In addition, rates of self-employment among women are increasing in several countries. Although there are no official statistics relating businesses to the gender of their owner/manager, there is a good deal of evidence to suggest a significant increase in female entrepreneurship. One consequence of this is that women are a relatively new group of entrepreneurs compared with men, which means that they are more likely to run younger businesses. This, in turn, has some implications for the problems they face and their ability to deal with them.

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